Clarifying Treatment | $20
Our clarifying treatments are perfect for removing hard/well water, chlorine, product build-up and medication.

Deep Conditioning Treatment | $25
Our deep conditioning treatment is perfect for dried out and damaged hair from the use of heat styling tools, dyes, chemical straighteners, and exposure to the sun. Restore your hair's moisture and body with our high-quality deep conditioning treatment. 

Each of the services listed below gives the price of where cost starts.  Cut and blow dry are not included unless specified by the stylist.  Please note the price is based on volume, length and texture of your hair.  The prices quoted below may vary, therefore, we ask that the first time you come in for a FREE no obligation consultation giving us the opportunity to discuss your desired outcome.  Call us at 772-692-2887

Keratin Treatment | $200 & Up
What is a Keratin Treatment?   Keratin hair treatments are a semi-permanent, hair-smoothing, curl-softening professional protein treatment. They make hair smoother, shinier and even healthier.

Are keratin treatments permanent?  No

How long does a keratin treatment last?  Your keratin treatment will last up to three to four months.  The longevity all depends upon proper care at home, including the number of shampoos per week, exposure to the sun/pool/beach water/wind and products not recommended by your stylist. 

Japanese "Thermal Reconstruction" Hair Straightening | $150 per hour
What is The Japanese "Thermal Reconstruction" Hair Straightening Treatment? It is a very intensive process that leaves the hair completely straight, and feeling silky and smooth.  Maintenance for the treatment is that only needs to be repeated to treat new hair growth, which will be of the same texture as the hair is naturally.

Brazilian Relaxer | $85 & Up
What is a Relaxer?  A relaxer will permanently straighten your current hair.  There will be a line of demarcation with natural grow out.  

Designer Perm | $90 & Up
Designer perms are typically done horizontally, and designed for each client specifically.  It is not recommended for clients with long hair to get designer horizontal perms.

Spiral Perm | $110 & Up
Spiral perms are done with the rods placed vertically.  Typically Spiral perms are for our clients with long hair.